Sunday, December 9, 2007

L1's Next Top Model

Welcome to L1's Next Top Model, where I will be your host through the next series of gorgeously professional pictures. Male model courtesy of a loan from Apt. M4.

Ah, alas! The first two eliminations, by reason of gross misconduct.

The infamous cheesy-shot that the fans (ahem, neighbors) will never let us live down. Ever.

Ah, finally able to see the Angelina Jolie reference. Oh, and yes, you are indeed allowed to make fun of me for these...

If we were like other cheesy girl apartments, we would have used this picture as our Christmas greeting card. If we did decide to do one, it would have looked something like this:

Kayla: Recently chopped off about 10 inches of her hair. Still enjoys reading aloud from her political science textbooks to the displeasure of the rest of the apartment. Is planning on enrolling in a class next semester that will take her to Washington D.C. on a research/discovery tour. Hates it when Torrie pounds on the door loudly while she's on the toilet.

Jeralyn: Still swimming like a fiend, and now she's gotten almost everyone else in the apartment sucked into it (except Kayla. Kayla will never yield). Was the catalyst in an accident that broke her best friend's femur on a blind date (shouldn't be funny, but...). Is planning on leaving on a mission after next semester.

Amanda: Decided to ditch us next semester and go back to West Jordan. Lame. We shall miss her random snorting fits and her outrageous giggling. She's getting ready to get into student teaching soon and excited to finally be out of her ridiculous astronomy class.

Liz: Still living it up working at the Home Depot and making all those 2 x 4s and $24.99 tool sets look like the hottest things around. The official winner of L1's Next Top Model. Started up school this semester at USU and nailed her Shakespeare project (the calligraphy she did for it was amazing). Otherwise known as the one with all the good candy stashed everywhere.

Torrie: Performed for the first and only time in a modern dance recital that was wicked-ridiculous (videos to be posted soon). Is now an expert at acting out a tree with its branches breaking off in the wind. Is training with Jeralyn and Liz for an upcoming swim meet. Occasionally has intense moments of freak-out when complaining about the student athletes she so dutifully tutors weekly.

(Merry Christmas, Love L1)

Ah, the traditional America's next top model pose. I've been taking notes, as you can so readily tell.

The winning shot. Quite obviously.

Thank you for joining us today for this short recap of L1's Next Top Model. Soon to come: L1's Idol. So L1 Thinks They Can Dance. Stay tuned.

On to other news: Torrie had a date this weekend. Yes, yes, be very proud. I actually had one last weekend as well (I shall now wait calmly for the jaws to pick themselves up from the floor). Last night's date was with eligible bachelor #1, who goes by the name of Zack. 27 years old, 6'3", and doing a triple major in Economics, Finance, and Accounting with a minor in...I don't remember. Rather attractive, met him in Spanish 2020 while complaining about the plays we have to memorize (in their entirety, in Spanish) for our final. Also convenient that I see him all the time at our church building, because he's in our stake. Second date: hopefully. Eligible Bachelor #2: goes by the name of Jason, 6'1 (I think), majoring in Engineering. A brilliant musician, leads the ward choir (where we met), and has taken me on two successful dates (canoeing & DDR were both involved). Third date? Likely. Eligible Bachelor #3: Todd, 5'9", majoring in Accounting. Earned title of most attractive bachelor in the ward (or at least in the top 3). Ward mission leader (convenient then, that I was just called as ward missionary). Has come over to freeload on my food on numerous occasions as well as kindly gives me rides to church most weeks. First date? Unlikely (unfortunately). Interest pending.

Calendar Items For the Week: FINALS. Three: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Lots of tutoring. Lots of swimming. Probably lots of eating.

Ah, there is a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream calling my name. To be continued...eventually.
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