Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bright Idea #1

I'm reading Sophie's World on my breaks at work (okay, let's be honest---I've stashed it in the bathroom and read it there so I can think without the frequent disturbances I experience at my desk). I'm already starting to hear those endless questions in my head, which lead me to a sort of guilty curiosity. Guilt because I realized how much of my life is caught up in trivial odds and ends, curiosity because I wonder if it's too late to change. But being an idealist, I firmly believe in the power of the human mind to change itself.

Latest random idea brought about by wondering: Do we not notice ourselves aging because we're not paying attention? And I'm not just talking about wrinkles and grey hairs and love handles. I'm talking about the maturing of our faces, of our bodies, and the subtle physical changes over time. If we were really paying attention, would we be able to detect the daily changes in ourselves?

Bright Idea #1: I'm about to buy a new camera. Wouldn't it be an interesting project to take a picture of myself (or someone else) every single day for a long period of time and observe the differences? I think it would be especially fascinating to do this experimental project on a young child. Or even better, an infant. But, seeing as how I do not have close proximity to children every single day, maybe I will just have to start with myself. I don't think I'm changing as rapidly as a child, but maybe that's the problem---I'm becoming blind to myself.

However, I wont be able to embark on that particular experiment for a little while---I have to wait until I get that camera, which means waiting until my next paycheck...
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